• You know you need a professional portrait, but dread the thought of having your picture taken. You know how important a good portrait is for your website, blog, online dating and social media profiles. You know that viewers are making immediate, unconscious judgments of you based on your profile portrait—or (gasp!) lack thereof—compelling them to either engage or to move on.

    I know… I feel your pain. 

    You’re in luck—I can help. I’m a DC-area photographer specializing in creating captivating portraits without the pain. Whether it’s an image that’s all-business for LinkedIn; a casual but polished shot for your blog; or a capture of the most vivacious, irresistible version of you for social sites, online dating or sharing with loved ones, I guarantee the experience will be fun, memorable, and—most important—painless.

    Are you ready for a pain-free portrait experience? Contact me today to chat or to schedule a session: call 301-509-1747 or email me.


A little bit about what I do.

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I’m Tamzin—a portrait photographer who creates pain-free portraits for personal branding in business and social media, for online dating profiles, and for just plain ol’ personal enjoyment, serving all kinds of folks in the Washington, DC area. I love walking on the C&O Canal path, cooking and eating whole foods, Crossfitting with my husband, good dark chocolate and barbeque. I’m also a productivity junkie, a life hacker, and can’t seem to settle on a hair style.

Thanks for stopping by… Poke around to learn more about me and my work, my services, the experience, what clients are saying and other good stuff. I hope you enjoy your visit!

“Great things never came from comfort zones.”



What my happy clients are saying.


[After seeing retouched images] Wow—wonderful! At first I almost couldn’t tell on the retouched versions, as I could still see all my laugh lines. Then I downloaded them and looked side by side [with the original photos]. The retouching is amazing—the coloring is better and I can see just the slight “upgrades.” It’s terrific. And thank you for doing this so very quickly!

My thanks again. You are a true pro!

- Joanie

I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of getting my picture taken. Tamzin was calm and gentle and totally put me at ease. She was able to find me amidst my discomfort, and I now have some beautiful photos!

- Lourdes

[The photos] are wonderful. I don’t think I’ve had a picture of myself that I have felt good about since I was 13 and I love many of these and at least like them all! Also, I don’t think we have any pictures of the three of us-and if somewhere we do, it is nothing like these! I will treasure them. Thank you so much. And thank you Valerie for introducing us.

- Louise