Today was a ton of fun and you had me at ease the whole time. Certainly not as painful as I thought it would be, although it did take  me an hour to warm up after we were done [outdoors]. I’m excited to push a ton of business your way. Thanks, you are the best!


I was really worried about finding the right photographer for my professional photos. I searched through a lot of local photographers’ websites, and the photos just felt staged or sanitized. I wanted my photos to look a little different and more feminine and still be professional. I found Tamzin when a friend recommended her, and she went above and beyond what I expected. She gave me great suggestions about what clothes to bring to the photo shoot, and she was amazing at finding wonderful angles for the photos. It helped that she knew how to take photos that flattered my body type. I absolutely loved the final results, and I will be recommending Tamzin to anyone I meet!


Thank you for your patience, reassuring presence, artistry, and coaching!

Fascinating to observe my own reactions. As a business exec and coach, I’m usually in the mode of confident, assured leader. It was oddly refreshing to allow myself to be vulnerable and open about my insecurities in being photographed and conveying ‘who I am’ as a coach via digital images. You radiate a loving, nonjudgmental warmth.

Your passion for photography is so evident. It is a joy to witness someone moving gracefully and fluently in their right livelihood.

All best, Elsie

I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of getting my picture taken.  Tamzin was calm and gentle and totally put me at ease.  She was able to find me amidst my discomfort, and I now have some beautiful photos!


I have been singing your praises to everyone! And everyone who sees the portraits you captured of us is awestruck.

It’s clear that you have technical expertise as a photographer. The clarity, color, light, and framing are consistently excellent. I was so impressed by how you noticed the light in the room, you checked for the source of the light, and you made changes to improve the light. You have such a great eye for design. I love choices you made… the white sofa and the gray background—neutral yet strong.

The most amazing thing about these photos is what everyone comments on. Beauty comes through. Serenity comes through. Love comes through. Those things come through because of the way you created the space—the spiritual space—through your presence. You were calm, confident, professional, sweet, and funny.

I love how you worked with Clea [14-year-old assistant]. You were gentle, but also respectful and you showed that you expected her to meet standards and move out of her comfort zone a little bit.

I was surprised how comfortable I felt in front of the camera. I was so curious about it, I started trying to figure out what you were doing that was helping me so much. I began to notice how you would pick up the camera and give us a suggestion right away. I didn’t have time to get nervous or get stuck in my own idea of what I should look like. I was just listening to you talk. You lightened the mood. You invited us to snuggle in close.

This was big fun! And look at the results… GORGEOUS!

Love & Light, Valerie 

As if getting me in front of the camera wasn’t extraordinary enough, Tamzin managed to make me feel surprisingly comfortable as she was gently directing me. She took beautiful pictures of me and my daughters, creating memories we will cherish for years to come. Thank you, Tamzin!


I had so much fun at my photo shoot, and the results are fabulous. You captured the qualities I like best about myself. You have a real talent for this, and for making your (kind of reluctant) subjects feel at ease. Go!


I have always been a little self-conscious, with a certain degree of “stage fright” whenever I felt I had to perform, but those feelings never came up when I was working with Tamzin. I was completely comfortable as she talked me through the process with confidence and grace. She is such a natural at knowing how to put those on the other side of the camera at ease, undoubtedly from having been there herself as a model. Our time together was light-hearted and fun, and the results were fantastic. I am so grateful to have captured whatever degree of “mature beauty” that remains before it all – well, you know.


The photographs are just wonderful!  Thank you, Tamzin.  You are a brilliant psychologist!  I was very comfortable.  You helped me to accept myself as I am!

Many many thanks, Myra

[The photos] are wonderful. I don’t think I’ve had a picture of myself that I have felt good about since I was 13 and I love many of these and at least like them all! Also, I don’t think we have any pictures of the three of us-and if somewhere we do, it is nothing like these! I will treasure them. Thank you so much. And thank you Valerie for introducing us.

xo, Louise

Tamzin, thank you for the opportunity to work with you.  You made it a very pleasurable experience and I’m looking forward to working with you on the next project.

Warm regards, Jen

Tamzin, It was an incredible experience working with you. Thank you for bringing such magical energy and direction at our photo shoot. I wish you all the best…