branding portrait of life coach Alison Carroll

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Professional Portraits

Like it or not, you’re being instantaneously sized up by those viewing your profile portrait—at that first glance, they’re making judgements on your competence and trustworthiness. A professional portrait lets customers, prospects and recruiters know you’re approachable, likable, you’ve got your act together, and that you value yourself and your business enough to invest in the services of a pro photographer. 

A good professional/branding portrait should show your personality and style, and convey friendliness, approachability, and confidence. Using ambient daylight in an open environment (as opposed to a studio set with strobes) gives a natural look. Casual poses can also enhance the appearance of confidence and friendliness. Using all of these devices and tools, my intent is to provide you with portraits that enhance your brand, help your prospects and client feel they know, like and trust you before they meet you, and create brand recognition across your various marketing channels.

branding portrait of SEO pro John Ballance

How about this SEO ninja…
trustworthy and competent?

Personal Portraits

Perhaps you’re just looking for a nice portrait for personal enjoyment—to share with family and friends, to grace your personal social media pages, to show the best, most authentic version of you for online dating, or to capture your sexy side for a significant other (or for yourself!). I can help you there, too! Whether you want a clean, uncluttered, daylight studio look, something outdoors or in an environment that tells more of your story (environmental portrait), we’ll collaborate to create compelling portraits that make the best first impressions and project the real you.

Retouching, Restoration, Organizing & Training

I also offer services in digital photo retouching, digital photo restoration (from a scan or digital photo of the original photo), organizing your own digital photograph collection using Lightroom, and one-on-one training in Lightroom and Photoshop.

My Essential Intent

No matter who my client, my intent is to create a space where my clients can be themselves and enjoy the experience of being photographed, resulting in compelling images that convey personality, approachability, authenticity, and connection. I make loyal clients through my enthusiasm for each and every project, creating a memorable experience, providing excellent customer service, and delivering captivating portraits in high-end photographic products.